The project

We welcome you to experience our tranquil environment . . . Kelia on Tinos!

Kelia housing development is laid out in exomburgo a picturesque area of Tinos, with magnificent views over Kionia beach. The property is built between peaceful sculptures of historic land and old stoneyards with a unique view of the Cyclades, as well as Poseidons and Amphitretes temple which is within a moments walk from the property. Our vision was to provide homes with all the amenities of todays modern needs and at the same time have them blend into the beauty of the natural environment. The homes have full views of passing ferries, Mykonos, Delos, Antiparos, Syros and up to 12 other islands on a clear day; however they are secluded from the main town, the Chora. The individuality of all the architectural details of the homes combined with the serene beauty of the island views capture ideal memories... Our objective is for you to experience a peaceful and soothing lifestyle that is found only on our greek islands.

The development is made up of 20 different homes. Each home differs in ground plans and varies in size. Each property occupies from 800 to 2000 square meters of land. Within Kelia, there is a private tavern that dates back 400 years, a small chapel and a community house with a kitchen and outside barbeque available to the residents, which sit at the beginning of the property. Four rental studios are available only for homeowners guests and are as well situated nearby.


Tinos the most beautiful Cycladic Island

Tinos is 60 nautical miles from Athens port of Rafina and Kelia is 4 km from the port of Tinos. From March until October that the speedboat needs less than two hours one could say that Kelia is 2 hours from the centre of Athens. The airport of Mykonos is 40 mins total from Kelia using the ferry all year round.

Tinos is highly religious, high in cultural activities and it does not have an airport. These elements have kept the island untouched through time. Visitors can benefit from traditional unique villages, delicious food, local hospitality, interesting festivals, archeological sights and beautiful beaches. The rest of Cyclades are nearby for daily excursions. The island has 50 villages, 1500 chappels, 900 windmills, 700 pigeon houses and 18 museums.

In harmony with nature

Aesthetics and tradition.

Complete works is made out of stone. Hence the housing development blends into the environment without fierce native volumes standing out. Stone yards appear between old and new stone walls and expose a unique feeling of aesthetics and analogies. The environment created sets the basis for tranquility.

Building with stone presents the opportunity to create in the process. Architectural details like useful openings, peculiar stones hanging out, small bookshelves, become part of the wall with high aesthetical results. The stone walls are sixty centimeters thick thus allowing for such craftsmanship. Furthermore, an open window or door is absent from the ambience as it opens inside the wall. The aesthetical result is not only marvelous but also unique.

At sub ground level, walls are not adjacent to earth and its humid characteristics. Instead there is a canal two or three meters wide which runs alongside the outside perimeter of the house. This chamber of passing air allows for insulation and natural ventilation, it keeps the house dry and warm in the winter, cool during summer with breeze intakes from back windows, whereas the canal itself offers a lot of space for storage, future installations or other usage.

The terraces in the housing development are visible from the surrounding countryside. The climate changes and temperature rises. The solution adopted was terraces as rain collectors with a finish of colored pebbles and a bed of soil on top. Hence, the result is in harmony with nature as it will flourish and change color together with the surroundings, the levels of water proofing and thermal insulation are of highest standards and water is collected.


Each house has its own water tank, with capacities greater than twenty cubic meters of water. The tanks are filled up by rain water and by the main water tanks that are situated at the highest point of the project so that they can provide a house with high pressure water even without electric supply.

All mains electric supply is invisible throughout the whole project and also in nearby visible areas. In the housing development and the passing road there is no column and wires to jump out in the scenery. All works have been driven underground.

The team

Meet our creative team

Concept & design: Argyris & Vangelis Fortomas, Yannis Tseklenis

Architects: Chronis Loulakis, Grigoria Balbouzi

Civil engineers: Vasilis Koroneos, Vangelis Fortomas

Mechanical eng.: Yannis Papagrigorakis

Survey engineer: Dimitris Megremis

Construction: A & V. Fortomas

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Address B: 14 Drossini Str. Kifisia, Athens, 145 62

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